An award-winning show!
A multiple award winning concert

Mamma Mia the musical, SWR 1 and Europa Park have given their seal of approval! After a three month application and elimination phase, the best German ABBA bands were invited to compete in the "Abba Band Contest" at "Europa Park" in Rust. The clear winner of this unusual contest was, of course, the Original AbbaFever Tribute Show. This led to "
Original AbbaFever Tribute Show" opening the, to date, largest ever "Mamma Mia Party" in Germany. More than 3,000 visitors celebrated the deserved winners.
Original - The AbbaFever Tribute Show received the "Stars and Legends" award from Germany's largest magazine for artists, for being the best and most successful Abba concert show. The band showed their gratitude, of course, by performing a brilliant "best of" concert, to entertain the 1500 guests present. The atmosphere was amazing!

THANK YOU Böblingen!

Original - The AbbaFever Tribute Show is Media Award winner!
Media and music publishers award the Specialist Media Prize annually to artists, bands and individuals involved in the events business, who have shown outstanding performance within their field. The scene for this year's award ceremony was the "Adlerpalast" in Rüsselsheim. On opening the winners' envelope, it was announced "the Specialist Media Award for the best concert show goes to.....
Original AbbaFever Tribute Show". Loud cheering erupted throughout the hall! The artists bravely encountered the lightning flashes of the cameras, to proudly receive the coveted trophy.
We are so pleased to be honoured with this award.
Together with Thomas Anders of "Modern Talking", we have been crowned "Artist of the Year", for the best live DISCO concert. Except this time, the award did not go directly to AbbaFever, but to our other live concert production, a homage to the DISCO era, NightFever! We are, of course, delighted, and very proud of this achievement.

We thank the GEDU publishing house for organising this wonderful evening in the "Alten Eventfabrik", near Karlsruhe.


On September 7th, 2017, we finally met the original from Sweden! Benny Andersson was due to feature at the awards ceremony for the "German Radio Prize 2017", at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, playing a Concert grand piano. The ceremony was to end with him playing a version of "Thank you for the music".... but who should sing the lead vocal?

At first, we thought it was a call from the German version of the TV show "Candid Camera", called "Verstehen Sie Spaß".... however, it was no joke!

Our own Anja Bublitz was to be at the centre of the action, and perform with Benny Andersson in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Her heart was in her mouth! It was a grand Finale and Benny was delighted with her wonderful voice.

Some years previously, our Isobel performed on the "ZDF ABBA Jubiläumsshow" on which Björn Ulvaeus also featured. Hats off to her!

We have already come very close to our role models!
Such magic moments!