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 Original - The AbbaFever Tribute Show - our live CD

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1.: The return of ABBA
A great live TV performance as part of the NDR cult night. 100% "PopArt" and 200% Hamburg! We love Hamburg!

2.: "40 years of DISCO"
Take a look behind the scenes of the DISCO Tour with Ilja Richter. As you will see, everyone's there: Ilja Richter, Middle of the Road, Harpo, Chris Andrews and of course, it's DISCOLICIOUS with NightFever! It was fantastic!


Sweden is back! It's a real concert-event. Just click on the small pictures to look at the enlarged version.

 The Artists

 Press-material, technical demands & stage instructions

We prepared a whole bunch of promotion material to download:

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Technical Rider
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Original - The AbbaFever Tribute Show
The Original from Hamburg